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How we teach


The school of the future is here!

Through technology, we enter the world of foreign languages and learn easily and quickly.

At PAPAVARSAMI LANGUAGE SCHOOLS, we integrate tablets into the educational process and achieve:

  • A pleasant and innovative way of learning the language
  • Familiarization of children with a medium very familiar to them
  • Encouragement of students with learning difficulties or students without much motivation to learn the language
  • Greater interaction, participation, and interest of students
  • Self-motivation and development of responsibility among our students

Now, learning a foreign language brings even more joy and interest in creativity!

Belt Study System

The Belt Study System is a comprehensive and attractive way to study the English language.

This study involves the material of the level the student belongs to and simultaneously correctly develops all language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing).

Correct way of studying (listen, read, learn, produce)

Review of all material

Student autonomy (think, search, become responsible, gain confidence)

Lending Library

Through the lending library, we introduce children to foreign language literature and periodicals, an integral part of the language necessary to better understand the thinking of the people whose language we want to cultivate.